Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hi, Dear Readers... ( here comes the next chapter of my best-blogging novel, "FALLING FROM THE SKY," as LuAnn struggles to come to terms with her conflicted past and honestly confronts a lingering romantic affair in the present. All you have to do is click on the highlighted chapter, in this case: Chapter 30 and the text will come up for you to read. Every two weeks I post a new chapter. Chapter 31 will be posted on September 24, 2017...  To read previous chapters,  just scroll back on the blog.  Leave your comments and enjoy. Happy reading! 

NOTE:  My award-winning novel "The Sun Jumpers" is now available at Skylight Books - the hip, enlightened bookstore on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles (next to the Los Feliz theatre) - If you can't make it there, it's available on-line at Amazon--Kindle-- iBooks, Barnes & Noble - Nook.

And my first published novel "Match to the Heart" ( is also available on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords and bookstores everywhere.

"Match to the Heart is an insightful and thoughtful read, highly recommended."
James A. Cox , Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review

"This novel is a must read for discerning adults of all Faith Persuasion, as well as those of no Persuasion. For every word, there is a reason. I was enthralled."
Reverend Marian Whiteman, ICSL -  Palm Springs, CA

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